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Shritam & Saheli

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Shritam & Saheli online

Hey there! We're going to start a new life. We're getting married!!

Together with our families, We invite you to share this day of happiness!

Wow!! That was a great news. Tell me about the Couples.
Shritam Bhowmick
A Charismatic young man who always smiles proudly because he is convinced that he has accomplished something quite wonderful by persuading the woman of his dreams to marry him.
Saheli Basu Mallick
A Beautiful woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. There is something magical about becoming the bride. There is something special about the commitment of spending the eternity with the man she loves.
Awesome!! When and Where are you folks getting married?

We are getting married on Thu, 09 Mar, 2023 at 08:00 pm. I'm sending you our Wedding location right away.

Wedding Location

Priyadarshini, New Bus Stand, SH6, Kalna, West Bengal 713409

Oops!! Almost forgot.. How did you guys meet? What's your story?

First We Met
Thu, 19 Aug, 2021
It was love at first sight. If we could only control the time, We will go back to the moment when we both first met, not to change anything, but to experience it all over again!

Wed, 24 Nov, 2021
Some knots are meant to be tied forever. Here is our sweet and smooth journey towards eternity holding each other's hand. Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that started beating as one.

Thu, 09 Mar, 2023
The best part of the life is spending each and every day with the fiance, Going on a date, shopping your wedding dress, preparing your wedding vows with the excitement and eagerness of waiting for the big day!

Wow!!!... That's so beautiful... Congratulations!!....

You are obligated to attend our wedding or else you will be blocked on whatsapp!

Ha.. ha.. sure.. I will be there to convey my best wishes in person to the lovely couples who are starting their new life together...

Aww... Thanks a lot... See you at the Wedding...

Wedding Countdown


Main Events


07:00 pm

Sat, 11 Mar, 2023

Officers' Club, D-Type, Chandrapura, Bokaro - 828403


08:00 pm

Thu, 09 Mar, 2023

Priyadarshini, New Bus Stand, SH6, Kalna, West Bengal 713409

From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your Shelter, And my arms will be your Home...


Shritam Bhowmick

S/O Gouri & Shankar Kumar Bhowmick


Saheli Basu Mallick

Bachelor's In Commerce
D/O Tripti & Sunil Basu Mallick


Shritam & Saheli

Beautiful Wedding coming soon...

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